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 \\ \\
 \\ \\
-The Fog / Smoke control panel is direct related to the fog fixtures.\\ +The Fog / Smoke control panel is directly related to fog fixtures where ever they are selected or not.\\ 
-This means that the fog machine are to be created as fog machine in the predefined setup at fixture creator.\\+ 
 +{{:images:toolbar:fogger_control.gif|}}[[fixture_control:toolbar|Fog / Smoke Panel]]\\ 
 +This means that your fog machine needs to be created as fog machine in the predefined setup of Fixture Creator.\\
 [[fixture_creator:fog_configuration|]]\\ [[fixture_creator:fog_configuration|]]\\
 \\ \\
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 \\ \\
 \\ \\
-The “Fog” button activate the fog as long as it is hold pressed.\\+The **“Fog”** button activates the fog as long as the button is held pressed.\\
 The orange LED in front of the button indicates when the fog is on.\\ The orange LED in front of the button indicates when the fog is on.\\
 +If you tick the "Continuous operation" check box at the bottom, this makes the "Fog" button toggle so when it is pressed fog is continuously on until it is pressed again.\\
 +In this mode the timer function is disabled.\\
 \\ \\
-If defined in the fixture there are two control faders for fog intensity level and one for the fan speed.\\+There are two control fadersfor fog intensity level and for fan speed (applicable if defined in the fixture ).\\
 \\ \\
-Additional a timer function is available.\\ +When the **“Timer”** button is activated, it will repeatedly activate the fog for the duration time (5 seconds in this screenshotwhen the interval time (40 seconds in this screenshotis up.\\ 
-When the “Timer” button is activated, it operates where the fog is turned on with the interval (here 40 sec.and it will be on in the duration time (here 5 sec.)\\ +This is a function FreeStyler controls so is therefore nothing the fog machine needs to support.\\ 
-This is a function FreeStyler generate and therefore nothing the fog machine needs to support.\\ +The small red status bar below the interval fader shows the actual time progressing up. When the bar gets to the end, the fog is activated.\\ 
-The small status bar bellow the interval fader shows the actual time. When full the fog is activated.\\ +When the Timer function is onthe blue LED on the left of the button will blink.\\
-When the Timer function is on the blue LED in front of the button will blink. When the interval time has elapsed and the fog turns on the orange fog LED will be on.\\ +
-\\ +
-\\ +
-With the “Continuous operation” check box it is possible to change the operation of the Fog button so when it is pressed fog is on and continuing being on until it is pressed again.\\ +
-\\ +
-In continuous operation mode the timer function is disabled.\\ +
-\\ +
-\\ +
-\\ +
 \\ \\
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