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List of un-official supported DMX interfaces

This is a list of interfaces that work with FreeStyler but are not on the official supported DMX interface list.
It tells you what the unsupported DMX interface is and what DMX interface to select in FreeStyler and some remarks or comments about it's use.

FreeStyler version Unsupported interface Selected supported interface in FreeStyler Channels Posted by Remarks or Comments
n/a American DJ myDMX Sunlite 2006 512 DJChris8805
3.3.2 Sweetlight USB Cable Eurolite USB-DMX 512 remco_k user “DJLP” on this dutch forum did the actual test. User simulation noted: Use official Sweetlight V1.04 driver (Win7 x64)
n/a Daslight DVC2 Gold DXPACK 512 jonny b good Tested by Onge.
n/a Gus Electronics USB-VL344 Enttec Open-DMX 512 (untested) DJC
3.4.0 Robot Electronics USB-RS485 Enttec Open-DMX 512 (untested) monosodium Exceptionally cheap FTDI232 based usb dongle. Drivers not required for Win7 x64.
3.4.4 Triangle Lights USB-DMX 512 uDMX 512 Buttza Very cheap usb dongle. Driver is required but can be downloaded from the Triangle Lights ebay store link.
Triangle Lights USB-DMX 512Enttec open DMX 512 PlayStation
Yarilo Open DMXEnttec open DMX 512 astahovfull galvanic isolation
Yarilo DMX ProEnttec DMX PRO 512 astahov full galvanic isolation

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