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Add your own Buttons and Backgournd pictures

If you go to “C:\Freestyler\images\touch”
Here you can find all the file you see below.

Button / Color Off-state On-State Text color
Gray Gray.bmp Gray2.bmp Black
White White.bmp White2.bmp Black
Black Black.bmp Black2.bmp White
Red Red.bmp Red2.bmp White
Orange Orange.bmp Orange2.bmp Black
Yellow Yellow.bmp Yellow2.bmp Black
Green Green.bmp Green2.bmp White
Blue Blue.bmp Blue2.bmp White
Darkblue Darkblue.bmp Darkblue2.bmp White
Pink Pink.bmp Pink2.bmp White
Purple Purple.bmp Purple2.bmp White
Custom1 Custom11.bmp Custom21.bmp White
Custom2 Custom12.bmp Custom22.bmp White
Custom3 Custom13.bmp Custom23.bmp White
Custom4 Custom14.bmp Custom24.bmp White
Touchscreen Page File name Comments
Page Independants Background.bmp
Page1 Background1.bmp
Page2 Background2.bmp
Page3 Background3.bmp
Page4 Background4.bmp
Page5 Background5.bmp
Page6 Background6.bmp

Here you can Add your custom made buttons or Background.
But there are some Importent thing you need to know.
- The File name's you see Needs to stay the same, becuase freestyler only search for these File name's. So Rename your cunstom made button to Gray, White, black and on..
- In the table you also see a On-state and Off-state, this shows the state of a button. as example if you look at the override buttons from freestyler, if you press on the blue light goes “ON” and if you Press it again the blue light goes “OFF”.
- In the button/color tabel you see “Text color” this is the color freestyler add to a button. so if you use White.bmp with the text color Black and you add a custom button thats black you will not see any text in frestyler so keep in mind which color your custom button have so you can use the corect text color.

I never used another Extention then .BMP so i do not know if other extentions will work (.JPG ,PNG and on..)

Here you see a Custom button i added to the Touch directory and you see the file name Gray and gray2 are the same as in the Tabel.

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