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Novation Launchpad

This Launchpad is nice simple way to get a physical button to press as alternative to the screen button’s.
In this page it is used to access the override buttons so the user don’t need to navigate on a crowded screen and struggling with the mouse to get timing correct.

There will not be an installation guide to the Novation driver sw as this can be found on Novation’s web page.

Enable Launchpad to FreeStyler:

In FreeStyler go to Midi setup panel under “Setup”

In the midi panel select “Launchpad MK2” for midi input and midi output.
FreeStyler can handle 2 midi interfaces and in this case Launchpad is selected a midi interface 1.
Click “Start” to activate the midi interface.

You are now ready to map the midi keys to FreeStyler buttons.

Map midi keys to FreeStyler.

The easy is to learn function.

Click “Learn” to activate the learn function.
Navigate to the function which are to be mapped. Here “Override button6”
On the Launchpad press the key which are to control the function.
In the small box bellow the function table information about the pressed key is shown.
Here “note-on(144), 86-0-1”

  • Command: note-on = 144
  • Note = 86, Unique identifier of the no 6 key in row 8 from the bottom.
  • Midi channel = 0. Note: here is an offset error, should be 1
  • Midi interface = 1: Correspond to midi interface 1.

Setup LED feedback to the Launchpad

For the Launchpad the feedback value set the LED color for the key.
The value send back to the Launchpad correspond to the map bellow.

0 = black (LED off)
72 = red
127 = amber (Looks like a normal warm bulp)

Depending on which channel this feedback value is send on the LED behavior shifts.
Ch = 1: Constant light
Ch = 2: Flashing light
Ch = 3; Pulsing light

More info can be found in launchkey_mk2_programmers_reference_guide.pdffrom Novation.
Please visit Novation for the latest version.

Looking into the color table above and on the midi “off” value for the defined Override buttons then the buttons will have bulp light color when they are no activated.
And the midi “on” value will give a red light when the button is activated.
Looking at “Note OUT” it can be seen that command “note-on” is send to note 81 (key 8,1) on channel 2 with the on or off value:
NOTE: There is an offset error on the ch. Shown is 1 but it should be 2.
This channel number makes the led flash.

Manual midi mapping

When the “Learn” mode is not enabled it is possible to edit/map the midi key manually.
If “Override button1” Note IN field is clicked then this menu pops up.

These values can manually be alternated.
Here it can also be detected that there is an offset error on the displayed channel value and the actual value.
Displayed in the field is 0 and actual is 1

And it is the same for Note OUT

Here the channel is 2 which makes the LED flashing.

Saving the midi configuration:

Finally it is an good idea to make a backup of the midi configuration.

This is done by exporting the configurations to a fms file.
The export function can be found under options.

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