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Hazer midi control not working

Questions regarding general external control forum.
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Hazer midi control not working

Post by lexie_1 »

Hi All,

I have a APC Mini which is already working just fine with moving heads.
I added a hazer fixture now.
If I use the controls of the hazer fixer (2 channel) it works just fine.
So the DMX settings are okay.

Now I want to use slider 1 and 2 on my APC Mini to control the 2 channels.
So I used learn to map the 2 sliders Fog level and Fog fan level.
If I click the fogger control Icon on the top bar, I can see the 2 sliders do respond.
when I use the sliders on the APC Mini I see the controls moving.
However the Fogger still does not respond.

It seems like there is a disconnect somewhere

Anyone an idea what I do wrong?

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