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Update on using Raspberry Pi as a Simple Media Server for FreeStyler

A simple media server using Raspberry Pi and FreeStyler!
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Update on using Raspberry Pi as a Simple Media Server for FreeStyler

Post by Bangorscott »

Here is an update on a simple Media Server using a Raspberry Pi driven by WiFI controlled by FreeStyler DMX using sACN E1.31

Wanting to have the ability to be able to project logos and loops to match lighting scenes without too much expenditure for Charity events, I opted for a Raspberry Pi with the following solution.

Mirroring my second DMX Universe in FreeStyler DMX as sACN E1.31 and using a Raspberry Pi model 4B , with Raspberry OS, set up with with options to use Wifi, or use Pi as a WiFi Access Point ( ...

I have also used a DMX King Ultra DMX micro for DMX input via OLA to Pi, in conjunction with a hi power Wireless DMX system to extend distance between Pi and Laptop. Control over the Pi's ethernet using Arnet via the OLA plugins is also possible.

Installing OLA ( Open Lighting Architecture ), and using OLA trigger to run scripts to loop Omxplayer with DBus control ( . In this version this provides another DMX channel for intensity (dimmer) control

This allows selection of upto 254 HD 1920x1080 mp4 ( H264-AVC) Video Loops.

A headless operation can be obtained via PuTTY, FileZilla and VNC.

The Pi is set to autostart with black looping on its HDMI output, simply then connect to Pi via WiFI and run Freestyler.

I have created a profile on FreeStyler that uses 3 channels ( for Video Selection, control, and Dimmer ) and have a set of Macros in the profile for this. There are macros for Pause, Play, 2xPlay and two Slow buttons to toggle decrease speed, and two Fast buttons to toggle increase in speed. There are also buttons to "END" which closes Media server to show Pi desktop, and "INIT" which returns to Media Server mode, as well as buttons to Reboot and Power down the Pi.
Screenshot (90).png
There is a small gap of Omxplayers backgound between recalling different Videos, I guess a limitation of the way that Omxplayer loads next file, I have chosen to make this black, but other colours can be used.

I have prepared a package of instructions on how to setup on a fresh version of Raspberry OS, with Bash scripts, pictures, FreeStyler profile and 10 sample video loops.

if you would like a copy email me

Also there is a demo Video of it working on ... er-project
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