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Uking Mini LED Moving Head Spot

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Uking Mini LED Moving Head Spot

Post by thefunkconductor »


I have just received 2 Uking LED Moving Head Spots in the post but there are no profiles in Freestyler, would anybody be able to help me? The photos of the relevant information are located here:

Many thanks


Knows how to turn Lights ON
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Re: Uking Mini LED Moving Head Spot

Post by vbanything »

Hi there, I have the same B242 U'KING 30W MINI SPOT Moving Head, I have tried to get the fixture profile correct over, it seems a long period of time and now gives me a headache. In particular the function 'Blackout when no beat is' set when Sound 2 Light is running.
I have configured the 2 individual fixtures in FS to 'react to sound' and 'Random DMX Values' in Sound 2 Light.
My FS Universe 1 has 2 fixtures, U'KING Par Light and B242 U'KING 30W MINI SPOT MH.
The par light works OK. The MH NOK, the MH fixture sits there with the lamp on after I pause the music content. the par light goes out.
I suspect these are last random DMX settings to the MH at the time.
When I start my music source again all fixtures execute random DMX values to both fixtures and works OK.
I suspect my fixture setup is not quite right for the MH for black out?
If i use FS Toggle black out button works, as expected ok.
If I use manually the 'Lamp' setting to 0 for the MH, as expected the lamps goes out ok
I have added various files I hope assists the matter.
Any assistance greatly appreciated.
The par light is 8 ch from ch 1-9, the MH is 11ch from ch 10-21
thx vb
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Re: Uking Mini LED Moving Head Spot

Post by Jan_K »


I am not sure this will solve your problem but I think that you need to set shutter ch to 7, open = 0 and closed = 8.

And in Strobe ch 7 you need to to change off from 0 to 8

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