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Fixature Creator i Need Help

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Fixature Creator i Need Help

Post by Timleuken15 »

Hello i have a Problem, i build a fixature for my suny dmr laser.

But i dont know, where i must write in the channels for x,y,z Rotation,

The Chanel for x axis Rotation is 5
for y channel 5
and for z axis channel 6.

but this is not pan and tilt.

The Rotation means that the patter rotate.

Can anyone help me?

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Re: Fixature Creator i Need Help

Post by Rod_Horning »

In the Fixture Creator there is a tab labeled Channel description.

You can click on that tab and enter the description of the channels that control rotation. You can also set the default value for each channel if 0 is not the desired value. (be sure to save your updated fixture definition)

I hope this helps.

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