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Random Sequences or Cues by sound2 light

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Random Sequences or Cues by sound2 light

Post by Jochen »

after days i got freestyler to do what i want. Thanx to this forum! The last Challenge i got is to handle with random sequences/ gobos etc.
My aim: Run the sound to light modus an play random scenes combined with random colour or gobo changes in an endless loop.

- I made different cues with gobo (8 gobo sequences), colour (8 clour sequences), moves (4 Moves sequences).
- Sound to light is working
- the only problem that i have is that i cant find the random function

1. I tried the random steps function in a scene. i programmed 8 colour steps in a scene an set the scene to random. i thought at the end of the scene the colour had changed but it allways ends with the same colour. i see the steps random working. What did i something wrong?
2. Is there a change to play 2 or 3 cues seperately in random mode?
3. when i´m in a single cue is there a chance to play the scenes in a different order?
4. I understand the multicue button a bit. But if i press more than one cue there is absolutley chaos in the cue window.
5. when i loop the whole cue and set just one cue to loop off than it gets stuck in this loop. It also stuck in a loop when i set the random function and loop off.

It seems like a completely bug for me. I Checked every tutorial but i didn´t find very much to random functions...

Any Help?
Regards, Jochen

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