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Cue/Sequences MIDI control

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Cue/Sequences MIDI control

Post by RobGal »

Hi everyone :) I'm a Freestyler newbie.
I have 4 Showtec Power Spot Q5 9, controlled via Eurolite USB DMX512 PRO cable.
I've setted some trial sequences, saved in a cue list. I would like to play them via MIDI surface (or via Ableton Live directly, on the same PC).
In the Freestyler Setup window I manage to choose MIDI port and match MIDI keyboard keys (Carbon 49) to "Start sequence 1" "Start sequence 2" and so on.
It's all ok. But... after saving, Freestyler doen't receive MIDI signals from keyboard !!!

If I use a MIDI monitor, I can see the MIDI output working, but Freestyler not responding.
Where I go wrong? Thx in advance for any help !!!

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