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Specifications Windows and Android

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Specifications Windows and Android

Post by bongopete »

I am new to the world of dmx and was told about you software and have a few questions so here goes. I am unsure whether to stick with windows or go down the andriod route.
1. If I install on my dj laptop running windows will it conflict with Virtual DJ if I have both running at the same time.
2. what are the minimum specifications for running on either windows 7 or windows.I use both at the moment one laptop on windows 7 and the other on windows 10.
3. can anyone give my any links to the best usb to dmx lead. I have seen some on ebay but want to make sure I dont buy twice.
4. If i go down the android route what version of android does it have to be, what micro usb port does it have to be as some of the new tablets have a new kind of usb port and again could anybody supply some links to the right leads.
5. my lights consist of 2 ADJ mini dekkers and a chauvet swarm wash fx are they all compatible with freestyler. I want to let the swarm run on sound to light and control the 2 dekkers to run in sinc doing light shows.

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