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Post by stompinne »

The sound2light feature in freestyler works mainly on "beats".
But there are lightcontrollers or fixture-autoprograms, that work not on (boring repetive) beats but more on other frequencies or follow a more "natural flow" of the music
Is this something that i can change of be achived with freestyler?

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Re: S2L

Post by Partyman »

The S2L module allows you to detect beats at whatever frequency you choose with the slider. It also allows you to multiply and divide the beat. There are a dozen other ways you can customize S2L to compliment your show. I am not understanding what else you could want from it. Everything in music production relies on beats to some form or another.
The only way that I have found to use S2L effectively in a professional environment is to build sequences that are triggered by S2L, not by having a bunch of random DMX values thrown at the fixtures and hoping they give you a result you like.
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