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Sound2Light - Random Values

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Sound2Light - Random Values

Post by BuzzRoadshow »


Been using Freestyler & Sound2Light for a short time and got to say, I love the potential!

One question I have is that I have a few heads and scanners, which I have grouped and work fantastically using the S2L option (random values). I now have two Swarm 5FX's and they are not responding to the Random Values at all.

Doing some reading on this, I assume it's because they don't have defined "gobo, color (colorwheel and RGB), pan & tilt" channels - Like the heads/scanners do.

Is there anyway to tell S2L (or Freestyler) to issue random values to the channel of my choice, or is that hard coded that S2L will only issue random values to the pre-defined channels?

My reason for asking is that I run a mobile disco and have everything DMX connected (from left to right). So to have the two Swarm 5FX's not connected/controllable within Freestyler would be a pain as some party's are S2L controlled, other events are manually controlled (my wife likes to feel included on these gigs somewhere! :)

Many Thanks,

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Re: Sound2Light - Random Values

Post by remco_k »

So just programm some sequences with 'BuzzRoadshow entered random values' to control the Swarm 5FX's and not use random values for those?
Not sure if you then also need to programm some "random" sequences for your other lights.

And, for your reference: S2L itself (The window (SL.exe) with the audio metering in it) is not the component generating the random values. The sound to light "receiver" module inside FreeStyler does.
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