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Dimmer on rgba pars in LTP

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Dimmer on rgba pars in LTP

Post by doctorzorro »

Yes! We got new rgba parcans. The great thing is, they have dimmerchannels so we can do cool stuff with colors too in stead of having to program all colors and moves per group. The bad news is that since the dimmerchannel is HTP only, "layering" sequences on different submasters becomes impossible since the movement doensn't overrule the previous, different move on the other, bigger group submaster.
That's how we do it folks, you run all parcans on one "master"submaster, move and color, and then pick small groups of pars and give them some other move/color with another "sub" submaster. With the old, non-dimmerchannel parcans this worked fine since the rgb is in ltp if you tick the box. With dimming in HTP it doesn't work since the high and low states of the different patterns overrule eachother all the time.
Now, it's not the end of the world, there's a workaround.
I simply edited the fixture so the dimmerchannel is now assigned to the pan channel. That is by default in LTP, not affected by colorchanges and thus the trick still works. Too bad the parcans still don't move, i checked.
And there's the problem. Since preset colorchannels like the one on our parcans (stairville LEDpar mk2 rgba] can only be dimmed with the dimmerchannel and not via rgba chans, they will light up like christmas (full on, that is] instead of being dimmed according to the sub's slider. Because the dimmer is on the wrong channel there is no way of controlling the intensity of the presets, which makes it unuseable. The only other way to do it is to give those parcans their color via the color window, but unfortunately that won't show in the touchscreen window. I have to go back to the "normal" screen to do that. With the presetchannel, once defined in the fixturefile it shows up nicely in the colorselectorstrip, just like a colorwheel from a moving head.
Is there a way to do this properly, by setting the dimmerchannel in LTP somewhere? Is there something I missed? Or should I request the option for it in the appropriate section? I've searched the forum and the wiki but couldn't find it.


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