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Generic fixtures

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Generic fixtures

Post by ynot66111 » April 12th, 2019, 11:43 pm

I am new to DMX. I'm operating with generic or low budget fixture and controller. I've bought some 30w RGBW stationary pin spot lights off ebay

I'm having trouble with putting them in FS Fixture creator. There is no brand name on these. they came from china.

I've put the DMX values in. but I have no color wheel color on fixture creator.

I'd just like to get them on FS so I can play around with FS. But If I can't create a fixture. Then I can't play around.

I know this may be simple for pro's. but I'm a beginner in all this.


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Re: Generic fixtures

Post by Rod_Horning » April 13th, 2019, 1:13 am

In Fixture Creator, for the brand you could use:
China Unbranded

To cause the Fixture Creator to create a color wheel enter the DMX channel number that controls the color wheel in the 1st colorch. box (lower left of the Creator window) and enter the number of colors in the ncolors box. You can then select the 1st colorwheel tab and then enter the DMX values and corresponding color.

If I understand your post correctly your instrument is RGBW. If you select Enable CMY / RGB and click RGB values you can tell Freestyler what DMX channel controls each of these LEDs. Freestyler will make a color pallet window available to assist in programming. Once you add your fixture to the Freestyler workspace, select it (click on the fixture). Then in the top menu line click on Window then click All. This will open the color pallet window.

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