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How/where to assign channels to RGB panels?

Questions and discussions regarding the 3D Visualiser Software incorporated with FreeStyler. The software is provided by Sunlight.
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How/where to assign channels to RGB panels?

Post by michelkeijzers »

I'm new to Magic 3D, so please be gentle with me :-).

I want to add a Stairville LED BAR 252 RB which is already available.
It is a 3 Light beam object, which is correct.

However, when I see it in Magic 3D, and connect sliders to it (with OSC via GigPerformer, but that is not so important), then I see the strobe working and the color.
However, the entire bar only has one color.
It seems the parameters Red1, Red2 and Red3 are like summed up, together with the blue and green parameters and show a single rectangular panel with just one color, instead of 3 what I would expect.

Is there a mistake in the fixture definition? (I didn't change it).
Or is it a problem within Magic 3D?
How can I get all three panels to respond to their own channels only?

Thanks in advance.

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