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BCF-2000 LED Button mapping question

Questions regarding the Behringer BCF2000 controller.
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BCF-2000 LED Button mapping question

Post by Marcus-GER »

Hello community,

I wish you all a great new year and say thank you for let me joining the community :fs:

I'm playing for days with the Behringer and BC Manager / Freestyler. I'm looking for a simple way to tell the controller that if one button is pushed to toggle the LED on (this is what I know how it works). But I want to push another button which should be lighted and switch the previous button (LED) off. Is this possible? If I use the BCF without any syx file the controller is able to do that. So can I configure this in the FS setup or in BC man button section on the custom output? If yes, could you please explain how to?.

Thank you :)

Best regards,

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