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Stage with Freestyler X2 location (Updated)

Magic 3D Easy View Stages built by the FS Community these may help you test your lights in other enviroments or just for practice.
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Stage with Freestyler X2 location (Updated)

Post by buttza »

The following files are a MEV3D stage layout and a Freestyler X2 Location.

There are no scenes or cues created. Just a stage with some lights on it ready to be programmed.

Extract and open 'Sample Main.flf' in Freestyler X2 and open the Sample.evs in Easyview.

There are no mods in either of these files so the current versions should contain all models and fixture information without having to import modded models etc.

Let me know of any issues.

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Re: Stage with Freestyler X2 location

Post by Nathanrs93 »

Thanks for the submit, buttza.
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