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Bug: Art-Net output does not work with all universe values

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Bug: Art-Net output does not work with all universe values

Post by honzamat » July 9th, 2017, 10:39 pm

First of all, I apologize for posting the bug here. The official bug tracker does not work for me in any of my browsers. After submitting the bug form, I always get a message "APPLICATION ERROR #11 - Mandatory field "Progress" is empty.". :?

If the bug tracker works for you, please create a proper bug ticket in the tracker on my behalf. Thanks.


Bug title:
Art-Net output does not work with all universe values
Bug description:
If "Art-Net" is selected as the output interface (in Setup -> Freestyler Setup -> Interface Setup window), FreeStyler does not behave correctly for all possible universe values (numbers).

If universe 0 is entered to the edit field below - everything works as expected.
Universe 1 entered - ArtNet packets emited by FreeStyler are sent with value 2 in the "universe" field (mismatch).
Universe 2 entered - works as expected.
Universe 3 entered - works as expected.
Universe 4 or higher entered - FreeStyler stops sending ArtNet UDP packets completely. There is no error message displayed or the like (i.e. silent failure).

Screenshots showing the FreeStyler configuration along with live Wireshark capture are attached.

Other fields in that same dialog window ("net" and "subnet") apparently work fine. The issue seems to be related solely to the "universe" field.
How to reproduce:
1) Select "Art-Net" as the output DMX interface in FreeStyler setup
2) Try entering various universe values into the setup dialog (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, ...) per the description above
3) Run Wireshark and observe the ArtNet packet contents

- Attached to the post.

Reproducibility - on demand, every time.

Platform - PC, WIn7 64 bit, Art-Net interface.

FreeStyler version - 3.6.41

Thx & regards,
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Re: Bug: Art-Net output does not work with all universe values

Post by lj_raph » July 29th, 2017, 7:49 pm

Confirmed, a new beta is available for you to test. Send me an email freestylersupport"at"
FreeStyler support & development

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