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some small ideas

Make suggestions here for the FreeStyler program.
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some small ideas

Post by wimvanhulle »

I have some small ideas / requests that will fit my way of working with FS (picked up my hobby after more then 12 years en happy using fs back again):

- Midi-to-dmx flash buttons (for controling flood light, strobo, etc...)
- Running Multiple Que-list Buttons together (easy for using with a midi-controler)
- Make que-list buttons page same size as override button size
- Make everthing dark in dark mode

- And mayby in later future programming / playback modus.


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Re: some small ideas

Post by Mattotone »

Midi to Dmx flash buttons. This is already possible using the midi to dmx function or using midi to control overrides.

Multiple cues can be run other being enabling it in the settings. Multiple cue lists are unlikely to be supported as this duplicates the functionality of submasters.

Not sure about the rest, but to submit them for consideration please use the bug tracker link at the top of the page to submit a feature request.
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Re: some small ideas

Post by GalebG4M »

I can confirm that the midi to DMX switching is already quite fast, and creating specific buttons for that function wouldn't solve a big problem, it could be marginally more convenient but not notably.

However, I'd be all for having a "fully dark" mode for FS! I'm often practicing and tinkering with it after working, and when I've spent an entire day reading and writing about how's the market for this commercial property in Costa Blanca, my eyes are tired, and thank me when I use programs, apps and sites in dark mode.
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