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Add selected fixtures to sequence, new entry button

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Add selected fixtures to sequence, new entry button

Post by Taa » June 13th, 2019, 9:31 pm

Hello to everyone,
I'm an audio technician from the south of Italy and I'm pretty new in the world of the lighting control so I could expect that I will say something wrong or stupid.
I'm a very enthusiast Freestyler user!
I was wondering why, when creating a sequence in Freestyler X2, there is the possibility to exclude a fixture from the whole sequence using the button "Remove selected fixtures from sequence" but there isn't another key just to "Add selected fixtures to sequence", avoiding to rewrite the whole sequence or going step by step setting "fade" or "snap" for each parameter on a new fixture.
In this way transferring the entire sequence and its parameters to another fixture (to another DMX address) could be very simple and extremely fast - i.e. adding a new, identical fixture while removing the old, original one).

In a more wide sense, I'm figuring out a way to "re-addressing" one or more fixtures (then fixed DMX address) following another parent fixture (from another DMX address) as a patch but without going into the setup or changin' the address directly on the fixture (as hardware setting).
The next level could be introducing other parameters as i.e. phasing delay between a patched fixture and its "parent". These patching on parameters are clearly intended in their dynamic meaning (entire sequence or Bezier Shape generator).
Thank you for your precious work and for your attention, best regards

Starting to get to grips with FreeStyler
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Re: Add selected fixtures to sequence, new entry button

Post by PhantomDj » July 3rd, 2019, 9:57 am

When you remove a fixture from a sequence the program deletes all the entries for this fixture from all steps.
Having an option to "Add fixture on sequence" would do nothing since the program wouldn't know what properties/DMX channels to set on what values on each step.
So yes, in order to add a new fixture on an existent sequence you need to go step by step (scene by scene) and set the desired DMX channels to their desired values.

Your thinking is not wrong. But that's not how currently freestyler works.
AFAIK, each sequence records just values for DMX channels. The sequence itself doesn't deal with fixtures.
Perhaps with a major update / redesign what you ask may be possible, but only for fixtures that actually HAD programmed data inside a sequence

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