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Showtec Dynamic (4 lens with dip switch)

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Showtec Dynamic (4 lens with dip switch)

Post by DutchDD »


Again a bit experimenting with Fixture creator and I created the Showtec Dynamic (4 lens and dip switches) fixture.
There is a trick... I only got it to work with a DMX terminator in the DMX output XLR.
So make one if you don't have one... it is easy.. A 100 ohm resistor connecting point 2 and 3 in a male XLR connector and Bob's y'rre uncle...

O, and don't forget..set all dip switches "OFF" exception is switch 10 witch should be set "ON".
Here is the file

Do feel free to test, change, adapt, and use it! but let me know what you have done. mail adres is included in the fixture file

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