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Freestyler instead of Madrix?

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steve lynch
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Freestyler instead of Madrix?

Post by steve lynch » August 17th, 2014, 7:46 pm

I am currently using 12 universes with my led pixel wall, and I'm trying to learn if Freestyler will allow this many universes. Can it do the same things Madrix does? I need another setup, and do not wish to spend $3400 to get a new license if Freestyler will do the same. I have used Freestyler for years for DMX, but this pixel wall stuff is new to me. I need to be able to matrix about 1200 pixels and 3400 or so dmx channels.

Everything runs via artnet over cat 5 from my laptop to a network switch, then to artnet to DMX boxes.

If freestyler is not capable of this, can anyone recommend a madrix alternative?


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Re: Freestyler instead of Madrix?

Post by Mattotone » August 18th, 2014, 8:55 am

sadly FS is single universe, i have been playing with for led pixels
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