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Getting started question - assigning animation to a que

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Getting started question - assigning animation to a que

Post by bkdmxguy » September 13th, 2011, 10:00 pm

I'm an intermediate freestyler user, long time reader of the forum but first time posting here.
I have been using it for a while to set up very basic shows.
recently I acquired some RGB tube lights and can't quite figure out how to sequence with LED Trix

Here's what I have...

I have not created a fixture for the lights, I just went and opened the plugin.

I have LedTrix running, got my matrix set up the way I want, the only thing I can't seem to figure out next is how to assign the animation I have selected to a step in the sequencer.
Am I missing something or is the only way to control LedTrix via the assignable buttons within the plugin?
Do I need to have the lights as a fixture even if the plugin is handling the matrix?

Essentially what I would like to do is have the animations come up within my cue list like all my other sequences, that way I can have all my lights running from the same cue, both my RGB tube lights (which I want to use LED trix for) and my normal lights

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Re: Getting started question - assigning animation to a que

Post by Spirit » September 14th, 2011, 7:55 pm

Ledtrix is a Stand-alone plugin, so it can only be controlled with the ledtrix plugin.

the only way is to patch some rgb fixtures and make the sequence by hand..
so you need to switch between Cue or Ledtrix.

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