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S2L only works in random mode, not with sequenzes

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S2L only works in random mode, not with sequenzes

Post by Jochen »


i have a problem with sound to light. It only works in random mode. If i want to do it with sequences from the qeueue it doesnt work. I tried everything, maybe i made a wrong config with the cue?
1. Uncheck random mode in the fixture.
2. Cue has 3 scenes. Nothing spezial, very short moves with changing gobos.
3. react to sound in cue is enabled, loop/ reverse/random/restore values all off. react to tap is blue. Fade is disabled.
4. i can play sequences manually and working.

Maybe its a bug or i have something wrong in the scenes... I wonder because from the config it should work (as i mentioned above, random mode is working=

Any hints?

Regards, Jochen

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