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Complete Fixture Library

Download new fixtures Created by the community! And also see it in the NEXT Release! - This Area is ONLY for fixtures you HAVE created and are sharing NOT for requests!
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Complete Fixture Library

Post by Jan_K »

This is a complete fixture library for FreeStyler.

Please read it all before installing.

All the latest files : ...

01/01 - 2021: We now have 1888 fixture files covering 169 brands in the

This post will be updated each 2 month with the latest uploaded fixtures where a "". (hopefully)

The uploaded fixtures has been opened in the latest Fixture Creator, eventually renamed and saved again.
Note: This is not an approval of the fixture.

2020 - Additional updates in case you don't want to download the entire zip (It only contains the fixtures added up to the listed date from the previous update)

2020 - 2021 - And I have a zip file named china_fixtures and it is actually fixtures where I have not been able to find a brand and most of them are from china manufactures. ...

This is all fixtures that freestyler comes with native plus all the user created uploads.
This is made because some of the native fixtures had error that was not checked for in the earlier versions of Fixture Creator.
And it is also a wish from my side to clean up in the fixture library.
All these files has been opened with “Fixture Creator 6.4”, eventually corrected, renamed and finally exported.
The renaming is made so a American DJ revo fixture not just have the name "revo" but "American_DJ_Revo".
A few native files could not be opened and they have been removed.

All fixtures after 2012 has been opened and restored with the version of Fixture creator which was latest released at the time for uploading the fixture to the forum.

Why are they not added in the released version.
All these updated fixtures are not added to the released version of FreeStyler because many users may have a fixed setup.
If the fixture names that they uses are removed it may start a scream and then this forum will come on overtime just for support file name change.

If you have fixtures that you want to reuse then make a backup file. This file will contain all fixtures that are used in the location.
And if you have created you own fixtures export them so you can import them again later. (Remember to upload them to the forum)

How to use this.
Create a “Import” subfolder in the FreeStyler folder.
Unpack the library in the “Import” folder.
In the “Fixtures” folder select all fxt files except one.
There need to be one else FreeStyler and Fixture Creator may fail to startup.
Delete all the old fixtures. (You can always reinstall FreeStyler and they are back)

Now open Fixture Creator and select import, navigate to the wanted fixture and import it.
Repeat this for all the wanted fixtures.

I will recommend that all the generic fixtures are installed because they have fixtures that just contain faders which can be useful when you don’t have the correct fixture.

Why not import all the fixtures.
Well the benefit of not importing all fixtures is that you normally will only use 10 -15 different fixtures.
If you have all fixtures installed then when you make a new location you will have 1000 fixtures to search and was it “winner”, “winner mkII”, “winner V1.2” or the “winner v1.0” that worked for me.
You just import them one by one, test them and when you have figure out which one is the best for you then remove the others.
You can always import them again.

And a benefit is also when you try to modify a fixture and it goes wrong then just import the original again..

Don’t want to remove the native fixtures.
You can of course keep the native fixtures and as mentioned above create an Import folder where you store all the library fixtures.
You can then import the ones you want to use in addition to the native.

If you find errors in some of the fixture then don’t add it to this thread but start a new.

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Posts: 1154
Joined: January 4th, 2011, 9:57 pm
FreeStyler Version: Beta
I Use FreeStyler for: To help others here on the Forum!
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Re: Complete Fixture Library

Post by Jan_K »

The complete fixture library "" has been updated to the 2021-01-01 state.

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