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Varytec Par 56 LED RGB dmx can 6 ch

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Varytec Par 56 LED RGB dmx can 6 ch

Post by nikasio14 »

Hey Guys!

i just created a fixture-file for the Varytec PAR 56 LED RGB 512 dmx can with 6 Ch. Here is a short discription first:

it has 151 LED (51 red, 49 green, 51 blue, all together 26 watt power consumption per can. it has 3 stand-alone-modes (colour fading, colour switching in 3-and 7 colour-turn, colour controll via dip-switch, sound active)
i got one for about 36€, so its really cheap. the colours are very bright, but the white looks mor than a light-blue. i´v got 4 of them now, the effect is really great!

here is a little trick for those kind of LED-lights:

if your enlighting the dancefloor with led par-cans, the leds are so bright and sharp your audience my feel blinded.
still in your par-can-package there is a colour-frame included (haven´t found out why??) but in this case its perfect - you slice out a thin piece of sandwich-paper and glue it in the colour-frame. this way your led-light is soften. your par-can gets little darker, but don´t worry about that.

ok, have much fun with this stuff!
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Knows how to turn Lights ON
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Re: Varytec Par 56 LED RGB dmx can 6 ch

Post by MDDT »

Thanks for the Varytec Partner 56 Led Fixture File ,have 4x Pieces of the Nice RGB Led Can and Placed the Holder with Foliage.

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