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MIDI controller LED feedback help needed

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MIDI controller LED feedback help needed

Post by Fixturelee » November 23rd, 2017, 2:05 am

I'm just getting used to freestyler and have decided to buy a midi controller (irig pads)

Having a nightmare trying to get the pad LED to stay on while the cue is running or blackout is active. Looking through previous posts I understand that the midi device needs the IN and OUT set to my device, also the buttons need to be CC and also they should be set to momentary not toggle. What I'm finding is the buttons will only light up when pressed, I've tried everything to get the darn things to stay on until I stop the cue without any success

It's as if freestyler is trying to send the signal to my controller to turn the LED on but the action of pushing the button is cancelling out the signal, is saying this because it turns a red/green colour for a split second immediately after I release the button, then goes out.....

Any help where would be great


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