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can Show Xpress do this?

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can Show Xpress do this?

Post by grjmmr »

I would post this to a Chauvet forum site but I can't find one

I was told that Show Express can do what I am about to ask but I would like confirmation first and if possible, a quick tutorial before I buy the Chauvet DMX encoder needed for the program.

I have 4 Sprite DMX Interfaces that are fully addressable. They in turn are connected to 4 Sprite Media Players that each have SD cards with multiple mp4's on them.Using Show express I would like to be able connect to them using addresses 001,020,040 and 060 and then assign 15 or so channels to each one. I then would like to assign to each channel within the domain of the fixture, a file name. When I activate the channel, it sends a signal to the Sprite DMX Interface, which then activates the file on the SD card. Essentially I am building my Halloween show. I have 3 projectors and a sound system. The idea is if I activate Thriller.mp3 on Channel 2 and Thriller.mp4 on channel 21 and 41, the music would start playing out of my sound system and the videos would start playing on my projectors. I am trying to do all of this off of SD cards so as not to tax my laptop or eventually my Raspberry Pi in the future.

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