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Welcome to the FreeStyler Wiki

Maintained by FS forum members

This will be the online version of the manual and updated to keep with all the changes that are happening to FS all the time…

We have currently got search?q=type%3Dpages&btnI=lucky pages of information on the Wiki.

If you are Registered on the FS forum then you're free to create pages here!

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Please feel free if you want to make a page for a subject not listed here.

What is FreeStyler.

About The Developer

We Use FreeStyler DMX - A list of our users, their websites and their countries!

Community Downloads!

Give us some feedback

Freestyler DMX for Beginners

Help! I have never used FreeStyler, Where do I Start?

A basic video showing you how to Setup, Use Basic Controls, Make a Show and Save It

FreeStyler Addons

Magic 3D Easy View & Scanlibrary

FreeStyler Tips and Tricks

FreeStyler Versions

FreeStyler FAQ

FreeStyler Support Forum

FreeStyler Bug Tracker

Current Contents

We encourage people to edit other peoples pages if they think they can help.

We also strongly recommend that you use screen shots to explain what your refering too!

Note to Wiki Editors Pages will soon be re-organised into 'namespaces' like the 'fixtures' namespace! details are here : This will also break a Large amount of links in wiki pages please help re-link these by renaming with the correct name, any issues please contact

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