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 Here the SM is 100% and the output is 95.\\ Here the SM is 100% and the output is 95.\\
 {{:tutorial:sub_master_fader_workaround:strobe_high.gif?direct|}}\\ {{:tutorial:sub_master_fader_workaround:strobe_high.gif?direct|}}\\
 +There is a small note to this Sub Master Fader issue.\\
 +If the “Fader Start / Stop Control” option is checked “On”  then the sequence that are controlled with the fader are stopped when the fade is set to 0%.\\
 +If additional the “Restore value” option in the Cue panel is enabled for this sequence it will give that the previous value is restored when the fader are set to 0 %.\\
 +This may be a wanted effect but in many cases it is only the fading function that are wanted.\\
 +Try to play with this to detect what gives the wanted control effect.\\
 \\ \\
 \\ \\
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