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How to use Sub master faders for other controls than intensity.

It is assumed that the reader is familiar with Sub-Masters and how to create fixtures.

The fader next to the Sub Master selection window are controlling the dimmer / RGB channel in the selected sequence.
From time to time it may be wanted to control other functions with this fader.

Imaging a movinghead setup where the sub masters are split in sequences where:
Sub master 1: contains intensity sequences.
Sub master 2: contains strobe sequences.
Sub master 3: contains color sequences.
Sub master 4: contains movement sequences.

The only sub master where the sub master fader is usable is the sub master 1 which contains intensity.

In the example bellow is shown how to use it as strobe speed fader instead of intensity as the intensity is only useable on sub master 1.
The trick is to create a dummy fixture which is defined so a dimmer is placed on the channel which the sub master fader control is wanted.

Here is a normal Elation moving head.

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