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 ====== Startup values ====== ====== Startup values ======
 +Startup values is as the name says startup values. It is the first values which is send on the dmx channels.
 +This can be used to set all default values to the fixtures.\\
 {{:setup:fixture_values_save.jpg?|}}\\ {{:setup:fixture_values_save.jpg?|}}\\
 +An example could be focus on moving heads. This will typically be adjusted during building the gig.\\
 +Here it is set to the value 41.\\
 {{:setup:fixture_values_save_focus.jpg?|}}\\ {{:setup:fixture_values_save_focus.jpg?|}}\\
 +The whole set of data is saved as startup values.\\
 +This means that when the PC is shut down / rebooted the first value send it focus = 41 and you don’t need to adjust focus again.\\
 {{:setup:fixture_values_save_focus_output.jpg?|}}\\ {{:setup:fixture_values_save_focus_output.jpg?|}}\\
 \\ \\
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