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 +====== Timecode ======
 +There are two types of timecodes in FreeStyler -
 +the '​**Elapsed**'​- and the '​**Realtime**'​-Timecode.
 +===== Differences =====
 +The '​**Elapsed**'​-Timecode counts up from 00:00:00 (stands for HH:MM:SS) //[you will use it for lightshows]//​.
 +The '​**Realtime**'​-Timecode is using your local PC time //[you will use it to start a scene at a specific time]//.
 +===== Enable timecode =====
 +To enable the '​**Elapsed**'​-Timecode follow the steps in this video:
 +To enable the '​**Realtime**'​-Timecode follow the steps in this video:
 +===== Use timecode =====
 +Enter in every line with a scene, that you want to use with the timecode, in the '​HH:​MM:​SS'​-Field the desired time.
 +When you are using the '​**Elapsed**'​-Timecode you just have to click the '​**Start**'​-Button,​ then the timer starts.
 +With '​**Freeze**'​ you can hold on the time and with '​**Reset**'​ you can reset it.
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