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How to Install FreeStyler on MacOSX.

Things you will need:

Mac Computer (MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacPro, iMac) Valid Copy of Microsoft Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 Valid Copy of VMWare Fusion or Parallels Workstation for Mac. ( I prefer VMware Fusion and is what i will use in this guide) Latest FreeStyler Build from USB DMX Adapter (or ArtNet DMX Adapter)

As an Alternate, you can use the Free Virtual Box software from Oracle instead of VMware Fusion (

Some notes to keep in mind, You will need to Assign your Virtual Windows OS at least 2GB of ram. Make sure your MAC has at least 4gb. 8gb is recommended.

  1. Install VMware Fusion (or Paralles)
  2. Install Guest Windows OS inside of VMware Fusion. (We will now refer to this as the Guest OS)(For steps 1 and 2, see this guide from VMware
  3. Install FreeStyler on Guest OS.
  4. Open up the Virtual Machine Settings and go to Network Adapter.
  5. Change Network adapter to Bridged AutoDetect.
  6. Connect USB DMX Adapter to Mac.
  7. Open back up the Virtual Machine settings and go to USB & Bluetooth
  8. Check the box next to your DMX adapter and select Connect to Windows under Plugin Action
  9. You are All set. Everything should work at this point.

If you need help, please Ask on the Forum!

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