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Fixture Creator - Combined Fixtures.

When one fixture file isn’t enough to control a real fixture.

Basics in combined fixture.
Here word “unit” are used as name for the fixture hw. and the word “fixture” is the fixture file that are added in Freestyler.

The picture here is American Dj TripleFlex.
It is used as an example but the DMX tables are fictive and just intended to illustrate the difference in the fixture configuration.

Combined fixtures are when more fixtures are combined to control one unit.
It can be a LED matrix where many cells are to be controlled individually or a dual scanner where 2 mirror are to be controlled. It could also be a laser that has more than 150 images are to be mapped to individual icons.
150 images is the limit for macros and some lasers has a bank selection that interacts with an image selection. This makes the image control for the laser to a two or more channels control and this require macros for control.

The fixtures are placed on same or adjacent addresses in Freestyler and thereby gives the full control over a unit.

In this picture, 3 identical fixture are needed to control a whole unit.
Each fixture controls one of the 3 scanners in the unit.

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