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Help getting back to Freestyler

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Help getting back to Freestyler

Post by kwelch007 »

Hello all!

I started my lighting career with a physical console, as many can likely relate to. I discovered digital DMX shortly after (LightJockey) and hated it, but saw the possibilities. I used FreestylerDMX for a couple years, and was happy with it, except for one thing..."Stacking" wasn't something it would do, at least not easily.

It would seems that since that time, Freestyler has advanced a great amount. Is stacking a "thing" now, and are there any videos on how to do it in Freestyler?


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Re: Help getting back to Freestyler

Post by Rod_Horning »

I guess I am a bit uneducated. Please explain what you mean by the term Stacking.

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Re: Help getting back to Freestyler

Post by Partyman »

Stacking would be the same as building cuelists and yes can be done simply in Freestyler

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