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More sequences

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More sequences

Post by Marty »

I always work with the Cue list, but it can only show 20 sequences. That means I have to constantly switch Cue lists by selecting them on the right.

I'm thinking of multiple solutions for this:

1. Show more than 20 sequences. Is this possible?
2. List sequences using their filenames in the TouchScreen interface. Couldn't find how to do this.
3. Use an external application to "execute" the sequence using its filename. The only way I found to do this is by using a bunch of midi commands. First switching to the "category" (on the right), then calling the sequence by it's number (1, 2, 3, etc.).

Any help is appreciated!


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Re: More sequences

Post by PhantomDj »

If you don't need to run more than 20 sequences at the same time you should work with submasters instead.
Each submaster holds one slot in cue window (one sequence)
Each submaster can store up to 60 sequences if I remember correctly.
So, basically:
Submaster 1 holds all sequences for MH movements,
Submaster 2 holds all sequences for MH colors
Submaster 3 holds all sequences for MH shutter and FX

Now, you need to have all 3 submasters running for your MH to work, but:
You have 60*60*60 = 216000 possible combinations.
Instead of creating the same 5 movement sequences in 5 different colors (25 sequences total) you create 10. The 5 movement, and the five colors and you combine them through submasters
Later down the road if you make another movement sequence you don't need to create it 5 times (one for each color)
You just create it and now you have 6 (movements) x 5 (colors) = 30 possible combinations instantly.

I hope my description makes sense... Once you start using submaster you'll never want to switch back to "static" cuelists. Submasters create a "dynamic" cuelist with 60^20 possible combinations.

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