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udmx loading issue in windows 10

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udmx loading issue in windows 10

Post by mrstretch »

I bought the dmx for 19.00 on ebay. It came with a small disk with a udmx driver. I couldnt get it to load . I figured it out after about a hour of searching. The issue lie in the device signature , the driver was not recognized. In order to deal with this here is the solution. Go to the start menue in the lower bottem then press and hold down the shift key while clicking on the restart button. the computer will open a blue screen with , continue , trouble shoot, or turn off trouble shoot. then press advanced options. now 6 options will show start settings . then restart. The computer will reload and then it will ask you to press a button to continue . Here is where you press f7 or the 7 key. the computer will reset. now once this happens you wait to have it load as normal. once windows is open you can go to the go to the device manager. now plug in the udmx. the udmx will appear but has a issue . now click on the udmx and go to the driver section and select from the location like hard drive or file you put on the desk top. now it will ask you if you want to open this even tho the driver is not signed. the answer is yes . It will now load. once it loads it will come up as udmx in the driver section. now open freestyler and use the udmx as a 512 and your ready to work.

hope this helps someone else as the video from the company and youtube didnt help..

respect... Dj Stretch

Knows how to turn Lights ON
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Re: udmx loading issue in windows 10

Post by GranadaDude »

Hello to all,

I tried what DJ Strech was suggesting.

And, indeed, after following all steps, it runs quite well. For some minutes. Sometimes seconds...., also had one case where the USB to DMX was working during 2 songs, about 12 minutes long.

I keep getting the issue that in Device manager suddenly the uDMX device is not working properly and gives STATUS_DEVICE_DATA_ERROR

OS of my personal laptop, is Windows 10 64 bit
OS of my corporate laptop is the same.

It's only on another older laptop, W7 64 bit, I don't have any issues.

But then I want to connect one laptop where I have something like Winamp playing, or even as testcase a youtube music video. I want to connect the 2 laptops by means of the 3.5mm plug for aither a line in device or external speakers or headset....

Still figuring out a way of getting the sound to my DMX sound to the react to music can be used and I can further test and fine tune my sequences and also make sure I get get them in my cue manager to get the effects start working.

Any updates on the driver of udmx for win10 x64 ?


Knows how to turn Lights ON
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Re: udmx loading issue in windows 10

Post by djmikeemx »

I have an issue with udmx, when I bought it works fine I tested with freestyler and a par36 light, now I trying to use now I got couple of light, doesn't communicate with the light.

Driver uDMX_Driver_libUSBK,

I installed correctly the driver, selected on freestyler & QC+ but the light doesn't react.

What do you think could happened here.

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