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Smile Empty Soul

Getting good with your lighting shows? Need to show others the power of your FreeStyler programming? Than drop some pictures or videos in this section and Show the world your handy work!
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Lighting Dragon
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Smile Empty Soul

Post by Lighting Dragon »

Been using freestyler for about 6 years now. While this isn't the biggest show I've done with the software, it is one of the ones I have the best programming for. The software has held it's own against GrandMa 1s and 2s as well as Avolite and Hog consoles, and I have been super proud to grow along with the software.
Please enjoy me running lights for the band Smile Empty Soul as they came though Fish Head Cantina in Arbutus, MD a week or so ago. ... 169767357/

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Re: Smile Empty Soul

Post by perrip »

I just saw that! amazing lights, man I have some work to do :D
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Re: Smile Empty Soul

Post by jonashex »

Super, I really liked it, continue your work, further!
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Re: Smile Empty Soul

Post by GalebG4M »

It IS impressive, thanks for sharing it with us, even if it was a while ago, it's still a treat!
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