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XPress 512 not controlling SlimPar T6 dimming

Posted: October 24th, 2016, 1:53 am
I have three 4-Bar TRI USBs and two SlimPar T6 usbs which I am controlling with ShowXpress 512. Everything is working fine except the master fader will not control the light level of the SlimPars. I've selected the 8-channel mode for the SlimPars.

In the Master Fader Edit window in Xpress I have checked the seventh channel of each of the SlimPar fixtures (the one correctly labeled "dimmer"), but when I slide the Master Fader, the 4-Bar lights dim, but the SlimPars do not.

In looking at the Control Panel Operation Page of the SlimPar manual (pg. 9) I see that channel 7 says it controls "dim." The description, however, is like something I've never seen before. Rather than describe dim level, it is talking about dim speed. That appears to be either a faulty description or a major shortcoming of the SlimPars. Is it true that the SlimPars are not dimmable in DMX mode?