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Chauvet Scorpion Sky

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Chauvet Scorpion Sky

Post by roadking »

This is the 1st ever made by me so be kind. I would like some feed back and upgrades please. ENJOY :D
Scorpion Sky.pff
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Re: Chauvet Scorpion Sky

Post by GaryBonaducci »

I took RoadKing's profile and made several upgrades and corrections. Notably, there's graphical buttons for the 36 preset patterns. (Actually, 35 unique patterns. The horizontal scan pattern seems to be repeated twice with two different DMX values.) Mostly everything has been placed on the Fixture Macros palette, so programming can be done with just the macros and Pan/Tilt windows open. Fine-tuning can be done through the flyout Faders panel. There are also graphical buttons now for the Pan, Tilt, Size, and Speed presets.

This file and fixture profile contains the same names as the original file made by RoadKing, so importing this .PFF through FixtureCreator will overwrite your existing profile. This allows FreeStyler to immediately use this profile without the need to delete any existing Scorpion Sky fixtures in an existing setup. So if you already have created sequences using RoadKing's profile, you don't need to reprogram them in FreeStyler after installing this updated version on your system using FixtureCreator.

Please note that the Tilt presets on the Macros window works upside-down to how the fixture responds. This was done so that the Tilt values (0-255) corresponds with the cursor movement in the Pan/Tilt window. You will need to enable the Inverse Tilt button (-Y) on the Pan/Tilt window to have the buttons on the Macros window work the same way as shown on the buttons. If you were already using the Pan/Tilt window to program your Scorpion Sky movements, you probably already have this option enabled.

ETA: I haven't tested if this profile works with FreeStyler's "Blackout" control yet. If it doesn't, I'll update the profile.
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
Knows how to turn Lights ON
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Re: Chauvet Scorpion Sky

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