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Help with Touch Screen Buttons

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Help with Touch Screen Buttons

Post by thedjantz »

Hi I'm new to freestyler and pretty new to DMX programming so please accept my apologies if I am asking a silly question..or if I'm even going about this in the right way.

I have created different sequences for 4 individual different type fixtures and saved them in 4 separate cues named after the fixtures i.e. CUE NAME : Spider 8 and the sequences in that cue are things such as a CHASE for the 8 individual rgbw led's this fixture has and another is AUTO which I have programmed pan and tilt movements etc... I can add buttons to my touchscreen background I made for that fixture by either adding them as Sequence toggles or override toggles.. That's great so one type of fixture has buttons that work how I would like.. But can anyone tell me if I can add buttons for the other fixtures? When I switch cues in freestyle software all the other buttons dissapear on the touchscreen.. Finding it all confusing... I have more sequences than can fit in one cue for all 4 fixtures (more than 20 sequences in total) otherwise I would put all sequences for the 4 different fixtures in one cue and then add the buttons to the page.

Basicly I want to create a touchscreen page that I can have the same basic control of the 4 types of fixtures I have individually. I'll attach a picture of the background and hope it will make more sense what I'm trying to achieve..

Any help would be great
Many Thanks
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Re: Help with Touch Screen Buttons

Post by Motsik »

Use Poweruser-light.fts
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Re: Help with Touch Screen Buttons

Post by PhantomDj »

Actually you should use submasters instead of buttons.

Create a cuelist with all sequences per fixture type/group

Then load these cuelists on first 4 submasters

Now use submaster controls (Go,Back,Run,Stop) to control which sequence is running at each time.

Finally use some override buttons to control global behavior. (E.g. One flash button that strobes all fixtures together)
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