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React to Sound Multiplier/Divider possible ?

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React to Sound Multiplier/Divider possible ?

Post by PhantomDj »

Here's my case:
I can send the beats of my music to Fresstyler via MIDI in perfect timing.
I can send the beats at any "rate" I want/need. Eg: Every beat, every 2 beats, every 4 beats, every half beat e.t.c.

I have different sequences running at the same time that require different react to sound rate.
E.G.: I have some intensity/shutter effects that require to react on every beat.
Then I have some LED pars changing colors that I would like to react to sound every 8 beats
Then I have some other effects that should react to sound every half beat.

All of the above, at the same time.
Unfortunately currently this is not possible. The only way to achieve that is to program everything to use a high rate.
For instance my "half beat" effects are programmed with one step per value sequences.
Then my shutter effects have to be programmed with 2 steps per value (so that steps 1 & 2 are identical, then step 3 is different, but step 4 is identical with step 3)
This works, but for a typical color rotation sequence of 8 colors I need to use 8beats*2stepsperbeat*8colors = 128 steps!!!
Which also makes it practically impossible to edit... And which also makes mixing colors (e.g. half blue, half red) even more messy...

So, what I would like is that on Cuelist window that you can set the react to sound property, have an extra column that you would be able to specify a divider/multiplier.

In other words you drag a simple color rotate sequence on the cuelist (8 steps, 8 colors), set react on sound on, set multiplier to 4 and then Frestyler should advance the sequence step every 4 times it receives a beat message.

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Re: React to Sound Multiplier/Divider possible ?

Post by Partyman »

That makes perfect sense and well explained. I also could make very good use of that feature.
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