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Freestyler chase problem

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Freestyler chase problem

Post by MPsound »

Hi everybody! I am using FreeStyler for about half year, but i have 1 problem, when I play my chases (in FreeStyler caled Cue) I can't control my lights any more, so if i am playing chase and for example I want to chage direction my moving head will point on, it doesn't work, i have to stop ALL chases and then control my lights manualy, even if I play chases where are for example only my led pars, my moving head stil does't react to the changes i do manualy.
Is there any setting i have to change to control my lights even when chase playing?

Thanks, Martin.

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Re: Freestyler chase problem

Post by Partyman »

i am not sure of exactly how or what you are doing but will explain something that may or may not make a difference. Most effects within Freestyler were designed to be run within saved cues. All light movements are meant to be used in sequences and not "on the fly". For example: you cannot have a sequence running your LEDs and then try to run your Moving heads by selecting and turning on "circles", it wont work. You need to also make a sequence for your moving heads and both will work perfect.
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Re: Freestyler chase problem

Post by Mattotone »

Sounds like you have your chases programmed as static and not transparent mode.
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