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Welcome! Meet your team.

Posted: April 7th, 2014, 5:26 pm
by djSupport
Welcome to the FreeStyler Support Forum!
This forum is run by djSupport on behalf of Raph the FreeStyler Developer.
We aim to share knowledge and host a forum where you can get questions answered and also share your knowledge with others. This is the only Official Support area for FreeStyler DMX.

The team consists of :

lj_raph : FreeStyler Developer.

djSupport: Main Admin - handles all day to day back end of the server and how the forum is run also creates the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Apps and manages the Facebook Page for FS

matt : Admin (same as above)

and the team of Moderators :

Our team of moderators answer queries and help keep the forum tidy, they got the job by being pro-active in assisting and helping others if you do the same you will be asked if you'd like to join them! - Moderator
Jan_k - Moderator and Main Wiki Contributor
Mattotone - Moderator and Android/Windows Developer
Spirit - Moderator
Nathanrs93 - Moderator
remco_k - Moderator and S2L Plugin Developer

We ALL work together on this forum for free, the ad's you may come across are to help pay the bills regarding hosting the forum!

If you have any issues at all with Moderator Conduct or suggestions for the site please contact djSupport by clicking the link above and sending him a PM!