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Windows 8.1 and Touchscreen experiences?

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Windows 8.1 and Touchscreen experiences?

Post by kwelch007 »

Hi all,

It's that time...I need to replace my laptop that I use for FS shows. I'm looking specifically at the HP Envy 15.6" x360 (a convertable laptop/tablet.) I have a couple questions that maybe some of you have already experienced.

A) Has anybody used FS with Windows 8.1? If so, any issues?

B) Has anybody used the "Touchscreen" mode with a similar tablet or laptop in a similar production environment, and what did you like and/or dislike about it?


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Re: Windows 8.1 and Touchscreen experiences?

Post by Zoop »

I'm running FS on this W 8.1 with the touchscreen and it works great!
The only little thing is when I touch the overide buttons in flash mode then I have to sweep a little instead of just touch. (touch = like a rightmouse click for the button properties)

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