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Send Message Interface

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Send Message Interface

Post by Plasma »

I may be one of the few using this interfaces into FreeStyler but thought I'd post this just in case anyone else is using it too ........ If I perform a ..

SendCommandToFS 137,0

As expected the Shutter DMX channel value is set to 0. However any other value that is not 0 is not reflected in the shutter channel but instead is reflected in the Strobe channel, however its worth noting that the value set on the Strobe is not always the exact value in the SendMessage command but its pretty close ..

Using the above comand with the following values .....
Sent >> Set
1 >> 13
10 >> 22
50 >> 60
100 >> 107
200 >> 203

245 onwards sets the correct value but on the strobe channel instead of the Shutter channel.


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