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Fixture for Varytec Easy move 150 / MZ MH150SE

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Fixture for Varytec Easy move 150 / MZ MH150SE

Postby Benny » Sat Nov 15, 2008 1:10 pm

Hello Everybody,

i'm asking for a Fixture for these movingheads (they're both the same) in case of having ordered
a Number of them probably delivered in 2 Month's. In the web theres no useful information or documentation
about one of them so that i could try to create the fixture myself as a FS-unexperienced (at least 2days) user.

Technical Data:
DMX-Channels: 6
Colors: 9x Dichro + Open
rot. Gobowheel: 7x Gobo + Open
PAN: 360°
TILT: 180°
Manual Focus
Strobe-Function 1-8 Flashes/s.
Lamp: 150W HTI

Maybe someone here in the forum has access to one of the two spots,
i'd already be happy about somebody who can tell me the Channelfunctions etc.

Varytec Easymove 150


Yours Sincerely


Re: Fixture for Varytec Easy move 150 / MZ MH150SE

Postby Onge » Sat Nov 15, 2008 6:07 pm

I think you will find this is the same as the Showtec Phantom Spot HTI-150 and the Stairville MH150 Moving Head.

You can get the Showtec manual by clicking this link ... -150-E.pdf
or you can go to the DMX Wiki and all of the Showtec products (Well as far as I am aware) are listed in the List of Manuals page.

hope that helps,

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Re: Fixture for Varytec Easy move 150 / MZ MH150SE

Postby djSupport » Sat Nov 15, 2008 6:58 pm

if that doesnt help wait for your lights and use FS to learn what each channel/value does thats how I program alot of fixture profiles if I carn't find manuals!

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Re: Fixture for Varytec Easy move 150 / MZ MH150SE

Postby Benny » Sun Nov 16, 2008 1:16 pm


thanks for that quiet fast reply. I already compared the proposed two Spots with the specs of the ones i ordered.

I found Differences: The showtec and stairvilles have PAN/TILT 540°/270°
Ours have 360°/180° and are bigger, but only 8bit movement-resolution.
I wonder if the other Channelfunctions are the same,
and if yes, if i could just modify a fixture of one of those you proposed.
Optically they are exactely the same.....

With our MH660 FS works absolutely fine, but some fixtures for cheaper
products could maybe rise FS' attractivity for the smaller "homeuser" if
they could be collected here and delivered with the basic install.

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