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-====== Fixture Creator - Fog Configuration ====== +
-\\ +
-The Fog /Hazer fixture is quit simple to configure.\\ +
-\\ +
-It is as in the “Fixture creator basics” with images, names standard things to enter.\\ +
-See [[fixture_creator|]]\\ +
-\\ +
-What is special for this control configuration is the Fog Level and the Fan channel.\\ +
-Fog level ch. is used to control the fog intensity.\\ +
-Fan channel is used to control the fan speed, normally in a hazer.\\ +
-Both channel have a min and max setting to scale the fader in the fixture control panel.\\ +
-\\ +
-{{:images:fixture_creator_fog.gif|}}\\ +
-\\ +
-Some fixtures has extra control functions these can be a part of the fog or fan channel or on a separate channel.\\ +
-These functions are to be configured as a macro.\\ +
-The Jem K1 Hazer has a “switch off the heater” on the fog channel and a “Primer” function on the fan channel.\\ +
-These will normally be in the macro part.\\ +
-See: [[fixture_creator_macro_configuration|]]\\ +
-The Fog / Hazer fixture macros are only present in the macro panel.\\ +
-There is no show in option for these macros.\\ +
-\\ +
-\\ +
-Remember to enter the Channel description See:[[fixture_creator_-_channel_description|]]\\ +
-\\ +
----- +
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